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Welcome to where it all begins

We strive to create products that are as good as possible for our minds and body, honoring our ancestors as well as the power of nature.

What people say about our products

I use this when my psoriasis acts up and it works. Soothes my itchy, dry skin quickly. I like this. Great value too! especially with the high quality natural ingredients in it. I’d defs recommend. As this tube can be used for anything and everything. Bruises, scrapes, boo-boo, skin problems/irritation. Good to have in your First Aid Kit.

Love this product!! The alcohol smell disappears in seconds and is not overpowering like other gels. Afterwards, my hands feel moist and they smell exactly as if I had used Aloe Vera cream on them. PLUS I help support an amazing cause with my purchase.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!! I felt like I could go another few rounds! I will continue using this vein gel every morning and night on my spider veins and hope for the best. I also enjoy this as a special soothing treat after a long day on my feet!