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Medicinal Use of Plants

Medicinal Use of some Plants Around Us

Every day, the trend to take care of ourselves with natural products is growing, since from nature we can find effective solutions for different pathologies that we may have.

Taking care of ourselves and the people around us with natural source products is one of the best solutions, and here we are going to show you the uses of various plants that you can only find in the products you buy.


It is a fiber from the seeds of the plantago plant, it is commonly used to combat constipation because when in contact with water it tends to expand and form a kind of gelatin that facilitates vowel movement and evacuation. It is commonly found in powder form and can be consumed alone or with some food.

Dragon’s Blood:

It is a latex extracted from the bark of the tree trunk, it is red in color and has healing properties that may surprise you. It is commonly used to treat ulcers, but because it has such a powerful effect it can also be used topically to help wound healing. You can find it in the market in drops, but we recommend that you check the components to see if the principal one is really dragon's blood.

Plants can help you with healing alternatives for your health.

Horse Chestnut:

This component is perfect if you have varicose vein problems, since it is a vasodilator that helps improve circulation, helping to promote the disappearance of those annoying spider veins, also if you are a person who spends a lot of time standing or walks a lot, it is perfect to rest and relax your legs. You can find it in both capsules and gels.


This plant is undoubtedly the best known natural sleep inducer, its sedative properties make it highly sought after by those who have trouble falling asleep, who handle a lot of stress or who need a natural tranquilizer. You can find it in extract, which is the most common pharmaceutical form on the market.

Cat’s Claw:

It is one of the least known but its anti-inflammatory properties make it worthwhile for you to start looking at it as an option. It is generally used for problems with the joints as it can have an analgesic effect. The easiest way to find it on the market is in extract.

Written by:

Monica Martínez Osorio – Nutricionist