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Our Path

Green Ekii is a Funat brand. We are proud to have been making natural products for 31 years. Laboratorios Funat is the largest natural product manufacturer in Colombia with a portfolio of over 200 products. Established in 1989, Funat specializes in the sale of dietary supplements, natural cosmetics and natural health products. It is also the largest natural health food store chain in Colombia with over 175 stores nationwide.

Our Purpose

We strive to create products that are as good as possible for our mind and body. We are what you see: We will always declare everything that goes in our products.

Ekii Meaning

The Arawak is the family of languages of the indigenous people of Colombia    and many other south American countries, including the Amazonas and the Andean mountain range. These communities and their forests are in danger. Ekii means origin and source in wayu-arawak, one of the languages of the indigenous people that live in the coffee area, deserts, coasts in the Andes mountain range and in the Amazonas forest in Colombia. Ekii is origin. Ekii is to honour the power of nature, to respect our ancestors, to respect our equals. Ekii is source. All our products are made with more than 90% natural ingredients. We tell you all what comes in the product. We are transparent and honest with what you consume. We are what you see.

With Your Help we Give Back

Green Ekii supports the indigenous cultures of the Amazonas forest in Colombia to help preserve our forest. We donate a portion of our sales to SAVING THE AMAZON, an NGO that provides funding to local indigenous communities in Amazonas to plant trees, using  their ancestral knowledge to help trees grow, while helping the community get a better future.

We Honor our Origin

We are experiencing a global trend towards ​​better nutrition and better cosmetics: People looking for food and dietary supplements that not only nurture (but also help prevent diseases) and beauty products without excessive chemicals, with more natural ingredients that provide health as well as beauty.  Viewed as a mysterious country surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes, today Colombia is perceived as a growing economy full of potential, a hidden gem to be discovered. Situated in the middle of the grand Andean mountain range and home of the Amazonas. Full of jungles and forests it's the second most biodiverse country in the world. We address young people and adults who search for life quality and healthy life habits. We promote a healthy lifestyle.